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How to Help a Loved One

How Do Adults Help Prevent Eating Disorders?

In order to help promote a healthy body image in children, parents can be good role models themselves. Their attitudes and comments about food, body image and weight-related issues impact children greatly.

  • Avoid dividing food into "good/safe" vs. "bad/dangerous" foods.
  • Talk to your child about natural differences in body types and help the child appreciate his unique, personal attributes.
  • Take a stand against unhealthy societal messages and educate yourself and others about the unrealistic images in the media. For example, the average weight of a model is 23% lower than that of an average woman. Replace fashion magazines with those that emphasize healthy images.
  • Help your child separate self-esteem and self-respect from the number on the scale and focus on the person within.

    What do you do if you suspect an eating disorder?

  • Educate yourself about eating disorders by reading books and articles. (Refer to the helpful website links on this website.)
  • Communicate your concerns with the individual.
  • Avoid accusatory "you" statements; substitute them with "I" statements, such as "I am concerned about you, because..."
  • Help facilitate finding professional help, such as checking out www.EDReferral.com.
  • Usually treatment for eating disorders begins with a multi-disciplinary treatment approach on an outpatient basis.

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